Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's been a long time...

That's's me, Mr. Erl. It's been a long time and quite a few things have changed.

I'm now a New Democrat, progressive columnist on Raise the Hammer, and all around dedicated left-winger. I've helped New Democrats in campaigns, attended meetings, and participated in discussions and have found them to be the most caring, fun-loving, hard working individuals I've ever dealt with politically.

It takes being in the throws of conservative foolishness for years to fully understand what nonsense it all really is. It takes having a union protect you before you fully understand what a benefit they are to society. It takes being exposed to the real world before you can actually comment on it. I now know that it is easy to be a conservative when you don't really know anything outside your comfy middle class life, your stable income, your perfectly traditional nuclear family unit.

I can attribute three key things to my so called 'conversion':

1) Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine
2) My senior year Peace Studies class
3) Finding more truth a week of studying social democracy then in two years of trying (in vein) to grasp the regressive philosophies of the right

It's unlikely that I will frequently post on this blog, as I have little time to comment on the news, being hard at work making it.

I would like to salute the efforts of progressive bloggers like Canadian Cynic, Red Tory and The Galloping Beaver whom I frequently read, as someone needs to keep my former 'allies' on their toes. Given as they have two right feet, they're bound to fall anyway...watching the Progressive Guard, if I may name them as such, push them farther back towards the hole from which they emerged just makes it that much more enjoyable.

In Solidarity,

Mr. Erl